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The perils of ad placement: The Bush campaign weblog is gleefully pointing out the coincidence of a Newsweek magazine cover gatefold advertisement that — when folded out — results in a juxtaposition of a (choose one: unfortunate/fortunate) message beside the cover photo of Kerry.

I suggest if this turns into a big controversy it should be dubbed Gatefoldgate. More likely, however, it will remain merely a small flap-flap.

(Note: That last sentence was included especially for Bill Hudgins.)

One thought on “Magazine news

  1. As always, I am humbled to be mentioned in “print” by this blog. Luddite that I am, I take some satisfaction in knowing that those who read Newsweek only online missed this entirely (I did too, but because I am trying to be totally news free). Anarchist that I dream of being (just ask my fifth-grade teacher), this editorial-ad gaffe fills me with glee.

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