Forbes thinks RSS “doesn’t serve much purpose”

Forbes thinks RSS “doesn’t serve much purpose”: In a Summer 2004 Best of the Web review of the dejazine The Standard, Forbes magazine (one of the original backers of the CueCat) says “RSS feeds (are) a complicated, XML-related way of reading news which doesn’t serve much purpose here.” Ironic, isn’t it, in light of all the new RSS feeds from

(via Denise Howell via (Aug. 6))

2 thoughts on “Forbes thinks RSS “doesn’t serve much purpose”

  1. That’s pretty dumb to say. This comes at the same time when even news wires are working on (or already have) RSS feeds for their Press Releases.

    RSS feeds will bring many more readers to a site long-term, because a lot more folks will scan the headlines at your publication that probably wouldn’t have clicked over to see what is new on your site. Plus, things don’t get “buried” on the site if there is a lot of new content published at one time.

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