Branded media update

Branded media update: I don’t typically blog magazine news outside North America (I don’t have the mental bandwidth), but I found this announcement of the launch by BBC Magazines of a new UK magazine that extends the Antiques Roadshow brand interesting in light of last week’s news that, in the U.S., Time Inc. is launching a magazine extension of the “Find!” brand, another PBS series from the U.S. producers of the colonial version of the 24-year-old BBC program.


Publisher Brian Whittaker said: “The Antiques Roadshow is very much a great British institution, with a huge, and very loyal, following – and the magazine is the ultimate way of extending viewers’ enjoyment of this. “The combination of BBC Magazines’ expertise in the antiques and lifestyle field and an incredibly strong TV brand make the title a real winner.”

Also, apparently there is already a U.S. monthly using the AR brand, the Antiques Roadshow Insider.