Always low prices. Always.

Always low prices. Always: The wait for Time Inc.’s WalMart channeled All You magazine is over on Friday, reports DMNews (via


“This is definitely not a partnership,” Oshin said. “This is definitely a Time Inc. initiative. Wal-Mart has no editorial involvement or financial involvement. So essentially this is not a partnership in the traditional sense. It is a Time Inc. title being distributed at a sole retailer. “It was not that we chose Wal-Mart,” she added. “It was that Wal-Mart was the largest distributor of magazines. An ongoing dialogue with them suggested that this was the first time a Time Inc. magazine would address their market.” A full-page, four-color ad in All You costs $13,470 — gross and non-negotiable. “You can call all 60 advertisers in this [premiere] issue, and they all paid the same rate, including Wal-Mart,” Oshin said.

Let’s do the math (as always, my math is strictly back of the envelop and as innacurate as, say, the math of most news reporters). Hmmm. Let’s see: 500,000 guaranteed circ. at $13,470 gross…equals, what, $27 CPM.

Now, reaching for the year-old SRDS on the floor next to my desk (the current edition is guarded by those who actually use it for something other than blog fact checking), I flip to section 49 and, again using the back of an envelop, I estimate the following 1-time, 4-color, published page rates (translation: “not non-negotiable”) for some of the other magazines in the All You space:

First for Women – $33
Family Circle – $48.50
Good Housekeeping – $52
Ladies Home Journal – $46

Apparently, All You is a bargain proposition for advertisers (who don’t want to negotiate) as well as readers. (PS. I wonder if any of the non-negotiation on pricing extends to non-negotiation on bundling the ads with other Time Inc. titles?)