A message to this weblog’s seven readers

An announcement to this weblog’s seven readers regarding upcoming events : Beginning this Friday, August 13 and continuing through Sunday, August 22, I will be carrying out an experiment much like the one Steve Rubel tried when he went a week only getting news via weblogs. Except in my experiment, I’ll be trying to go a week without getting news from any source. (Except, perhaps, I may watch some Olympic softball coverage.)

My last post before my experimental blog-fast will be on Thursday evening when I will post links to a few sites where all the news here comes from anyway.

A few days after completing my week away from blogging (if successful, let’s call it a blogless coup), from Sunday, August 29 through Thursday, September 2, I will be in New York City and will be dropping the whole magazine news thing (for one week only) in order to blog about the folks I’ll be meeting during the Republican National Convention. While I will not be “credentialed” as a journalist or blogger (why bother?), I will be attending several convention sessions and will be reporting for NFIB.com, one of Hammock Publishing’s clients, and blogging here throughout the five days. I hope not to write about the things you can see on TV but will primarily focus on blogging about activities that will prove I’m a cyber-hayseed in the big city.

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