Think George without JFK Jr

Think George without JFK Jr.: In the three years of maintaining this weblog, I’ve discovered a few people who have made careers of launching the same vaporzine. (Dogged determination? Visionary? Unemployed?) For instance, today there is a press release announcing the November launch of the magazine The New Frontier from the “daughter of former JFK chief of staff”…which, I guess, is as good as credential as any to publish a magazine at the “increasingly busy intersection between politics, lifestyle and entertainment.” Just think, if she’d started a blog when she first announced the idea in 2002, she would know whether or not the idea will fly. Oh, well. I think I’ve suggested before where I think this is all headed, like on January 3, 2004 and on March 3, 2003 and on November 27, 2002. Bottom line, if JFK Jr. couldn’t sell ads to 23 year old media buyers, can anyone? But hey, I’ll subscribe. I’m tired of blogging about it and can stop once it hits the newsstand.