Don’t get mad, get inspired

Flash: I was wrong (again): A long time ago, when I was just a grasshopper of a blogger, back when I was still developing that whole vaporzine schtick, I made the mistake of being overtly (and overly) judgmental about the prospects of some new magazines’ chances for survival. (I’m still judgmental, but more nuanced, I hope. And for the most part, I was correct in my predictions.) However, one of the early magazines I attempted to review with a little bit more bite than I blog with now was Arthur magazine. Its publisher, who was quick to let me know his opinion of my punditry, has been kind enough to let me know of the progress of his magazine. For instance, when the magazine was a finalist for Utne Reader’s best new independent magazine of 2003. At that point, I admitted I was an asshole when I earlier observed:

“Watching the launch of Arthur Magazine is not like watching a high-speed car racing hopelessly toward a brickwall. It’s like watching a high-speed car glide beautifully through the guard rails of a mountain highway, sailing majestically in super slow-motion through the clear-blue sky and perhaps (it could happen) making it to a landing ramp that by coincidence is set-up on the other side of the canyon. “

Today, Arthur’s publisher Jay Babcock again let me know personally some great news about his magazine: Rolling Stone (Aug 19, 2004, the “Hot” issue, Lindsay Lohancover), on page 76, named Arthur a “Hot Magazine”

Quote from Rolling Stone (not online):

Maybe the best things in life really are free. Take ARTHUR, a new magazine printed on high-quality color newsprint, chock-full of interviews with the likes of Iggy Pop and folk phenom Devendra Banhart, features on “When Good Pranksters Go Christian” and “Young Would-Be Terrorirsts in Love,” and inspired cartooning by America’s best young artists. Forty thousand copies of Arthur are distributed in coffeeshops and record stores by a nationwide guerilla network. “Arthur breeds intellectual positivity,” says Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Arthur’s reviews columnist. “Plus, it’s an affront to Bush’s dumbed-down myopia because it’s free and because it rocks without catering to any corporate payoff.”

Again, the taste of crow has never been more enjoyable. Congratulations and keep me posted.