The rexblog is away, here’s what to do

The rexblog is away, here’s what to do: I hate giving away rexblog-trade secrets, but as I’m going to be experiencing a totally unwired ten days (several bets have been placed) until Monday, Aug. 23, I’ve decided to reveal where I crib most of the magazine industry-related stuff I link to so you can create your own do-it-yourself rexblog. Here’s the list, in no particular order:

1. Romenesko: Always good for a magazine news item or two but as there is no RSS feed, I keep forgetting to go there. Also, lots of really interesting items about ethical dilemmas torturing some assistant copy editor at a weekly newspaper outside Topeka.

2. I Want Media: As “go-to” as Romenesko, but what’s with no RSS. However, I do receive the daily e-mail, so I can see what I’ve missed at least once every 24 hours. Sort of like a weblog but without the lame attempts at humor some bloggers constantly try.

3.’s News Feed: Again, the daily e-mail is great, but where’s the RSS? Especially great if you’re wanting to know how to pitch a story to, say, Heavy Duty Trucking.

4. Finally, a site that is avaiable via RSS. Rafat Ali never sleeps and gets stuff before anyone.

5. MediaPost’s Media Daily News: Comes via e-mail. Great stuff, but the whole math thing challenges them at times.

(Note: If the sites I said don’t have RSS feeds actually do have RSS feeds, well, sorry, my fact-checking staff all called in sick today. Add a comment to this post to enlighten us.)

Those should keep you occupied, but I must admit the real link-gathering secret sauce of the rexblog are some field-tested Google hacks, a managable list of RSS feeds from other media-geek bloggers (see list at left) and regular e-mail tips from the seven people who read this blog.

Also, here’s a reminder of places I’ll be heading later this month:

August 26: Speaking at the Magazine Association of the Southeast breakfast.

August 29-September 2: Blogging from the Republican National Convention.