Charley blogging

Charley blogging: As my wife (and therefore children) have deep roots in the swath of Florida slammed by Hurricane Charley (fortunately and with great relief and gratitude, all kin are on high-ground and safe), I have jumped back online to follow the events.

Blogging coverage:

  • First, providing a how-to lesson on how traditionial media can use blogging conventions (real-time updates, reverse chronological structure) is the Orlando Sentinel (major kudos).
  • The WeatherBug’s Ryan Towell, a meterologist, gives an on-the-ground report.
  • The Command Post is blogging the storm and aftermath 24-7 with lots of links to news sources and relief organizations.
  • Elizabeth from Orlando (not many reporters would call the storm “a pansy”?)
  • Buzzmodo blogs from his home in Winter Park
  • Here’s a link to Technorati’s results page of “hurricane charley” mentions by bloggers.
  • Non-blogging news coverage:

  • Hurricane resources from Poynter Institute (via
  • St. Petersburg Times
  • Tampa Tribune
  • Here’s a link to Google News’ results page for most recent news stories about the storm and aftermath
  • One last update: When the Charlotte (Fla.) Sun gets their site back up, they should have an interesting story to share.
  • Okay, I am now officially back offline. If you came here looking for magazine-industry news, the previous post gives you some suggestions.