Olympics commercial note

Olympics commercial note: Discovered this week, that with four sports-oriented teenagers doing non-stop commentary on fashion, performance and commercials, watching the Olympics is taken to a whole, new level. I am definitely in the minority, however, as I find the song in the Touareg commercial compelling (thanks to Google, I’ve discovered it’s
Richard Buckner – “Ariel Ramirez”) The 13-17 year-olds I was with all week judged it, “boring.” Finally, tonight, someone says, “Okay, it grows on you — but I still can’t figure out the plot of the commercial. Who’s the old lady and what’s the deal with the camera? Did she lose it? Do they keep her locked up on that bus so she can’t take pictures of mountain vistas?

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  1. rex, fyi, you’ll find two richard buckner songs on the mix you deemed troubling about a year ago.

  2. Got me there, Lewis. I guess for me, it took the ultimate act of sell-out commercialism — allowing his mournful authenticity to sell SUVs — to validate your mix selection.

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