Party animals

Party animals: According to Ashley McGreachy Fox who is covering the Olympics for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the best ticket in Athens is one that gets you into a Sports Illustrated party. “They are off the charts,” she writes.


Thursday night’s was No. 2 of four pricey bashes the magazine will throw for its advertisers and selected guests during the Games. Held at the Akrotiri Lounge in the southern part of Greece, the event began at 9 p.m. and ended at 4 a.m.

How magazines get started, continued

How magazines get started, continued: Working my way through a couple-hundred non-spam e-mails, I ran across an e-mail about an article in the Nashville City Paper about someone who is launching a vaporzine called BID and it’s not about auctions. It’s a magazine for prison inmates, their friends and their families. Samir says someone else has been there, done that. But as this is a Nashville-based magazine, it gets a pass here on the rexblog.


“…he says he spent the last three years of his sentence turning his life around by praying and planning a business venture (to open a) small media firm to publish a…magazine.”

(Explanation: How magazines get started.)