Hef chats about the magazine business

Hef chats about the magazine business: The interview at Bankrate.com contains none of the questions you or I would probably ask him. Fortunately.


I think from very early on, the way the magazine is viewed has been pretty much in the eye of the beholder. Playboy is a Rorschach test. It reflects on the individual’s point of view of life and sexuality. But that was obvious from the very beginning. I wouldn’t be here if the magazine had not been more than a magazine from the very beginning. I started it with absolutely no money, and it pushed buttons that prompted response from the very beginning, or we wouldn’t have been able to publish the second or third issue…I’m fairly successful in business not because I’m a good businessman, but because I’m a very good entrepreneur. My skills are essentially marketing, editorial and creative. It’s the products and services that I created that speak to people, the things related to the magazine and the company and my life. These are the things of which I’m proudest, and that I do best.”