Is the magazine interview dead?

Is the magazine interview dead? The SF Chronicle’s David Kipen reviews Lawrence Grobel’s The Art of the Interview : Lessons from a Master of the Craft.


Grobel’s chapter soliciting wisdom from editors at Rolling Stone, Details, Us, Playboy, Penthouse, Movieline and other outlets compels attention, if only for the light it sheds on why general-interest magazines are so bad nowadays. (Hint: Advertising is soft, publicists are hard and most magazine hands assume that readers’ attention spans are as short as theirs.)…Perhaps as a consequence, Grobel’s roundtable bull session with his fellow scribes consistently provokes and amuses. When he asks them for any stock questions that they ask of everybody, Kristine McKenna ponies up with, “Why does love die?”

Come to think of it, the only recent newsworthy magazine interview I can recall was newsworthy solely because it appeared during a regulatory “quiet period.”