Girlie-man article?

Girlie-man article? I stopped reading this LA Magazine expose regarding the Schwarzenegger-American Media connection because it becomes quickly obvious that is correct in claiming the article doesn’t hold up when simple logic is applied in scrutinizing it.

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The article concludes that the tabs’ reluctance to go after the actor (previously one of their favorite targets) helped him win the race to replace California Gov. Gray Davis. It also implies that the money Schwarzenegger receives through his partnership with AMI compromises him as governor. Neither of these conclusions stands up to much scrutiny. The mainstream media were all over Schwarzenegger’s sex scandals, and the magazine itself admits that his AMI profits are going to charity. The deal between Schwarzenegger and AMI is interesting, but it’s hardly damning—and it’s not worth the pages of windup that chronicle the entire history of the tabloid industry.