Those clever Brits

Those clever Brits: Proving yet again that all the really creative magazine ideas originate in the UK comes this news that “the National Bingo Game Association (NBGA) has announced the launch of ‘Eyes Down!’ a Bingo lifestyle magazine for Britain’s three million regular Bingo players.”


NBGA marketing manager, Steven Baldwin, said: “The audience base of bingo players has shifted over the past decade, and we feel now is the time for bingo players and operators to be rewarded with their own magazine.”

Okay you magazine entrepreneurs. You missed the lad magazine wave. And then you missed the magalog wave. Don’t miss out on the whole Bingo magazine movement.


?: Karlene Lukovitz, vice president of communications at media auditor BPA Worldwide, asks lots of questions about magazine circulation in a piece she’s written for DM News. While she does a good job of covering the waterfront of circulation research issues, it would be helpful if someone from BPA or elsewhere would answer questions rather than ask them.