Go home, hayseeds

Go home, hayseeds: Currently, I’m setting up rexblog headquarters at a hardened position in mid-town. As I’ve noticed during my visits to New York in the past few weeks, the presence of military and police at Penn Station has been growing. However, that was nothing compared to what greeted me today. At each track entrance, there are at least a dozen of New York’s finest in full gear. I took the subway to get closer to where I’m staying, then walked a few blocks. Lots of amusing protesters on their way somewhere: ironically, they appeared to be middle-aged suburbanites who looked more like tourists than protesters. I will take some photos later, but my favorite protest signs and buttons have been along the lines, “GOP out of NYC” as if the Republicans have invaded the city and don’t want to leave. My guess, however, is that it’s sorta like Iraq. The Bush folks would love nothing more than to get the heck outta Dodge.

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