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NYPD Blue video post: Due to some funky firewall configurations at the rexblog rnc headquarters, I was not able to post this last night. Our crack tech team (thanks, Blair) has provided me with a work-around. Strolling around “the biggest protest ever at a political convention” yesterday it seemed a lot like a St. Patrick’s Day parade with funnier costumes. Sidewalk protest tee-shirt vendors slashing prices about sums it up. At least from my vantage points, all was peaceful and entertaining.

But one thing was obvioius: the level of police presence is hard to comprehend by merely seeing it on TV. So, I’m presenting the first-ever rexblogumentary. I’ve titled it “Express Yourself” (Quicktime, 4.0 M, mirroring encouraged). In it, I provide a glimpse of how New York’s finest appeared prepared to keep things peaceful yesterday. I take back everything I said earlier regarding those NYT writers attempts to explain how New York City is different than other places. I am now convinced. New York is way different. Back in Kansas (and Tennessee), there aren’t this many police in the entire state. I guess with all those red state people here, the Secret Service and local officials felt the need to show some blue.

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  1. When I visited Australia, I discovered there probably aren’t as many police in the entire nation as you showed in the video.

  2. I like the sidewalk T-shirt vendors. Like Woodstock attendance, there will be more people who claimed to be protesting (and have the T-shirt to prove it, winkwink) than actually showed up. Speaking of which, Rex, please pick me up one of those shirts. My friend who worked as finance chair for a previous presidential candidate really would like one.

  3. The part I love is how it looks like you were close enough for several of the cops to notice that you were filming them and they didn’t care at all, like it happened to them every day. I cannot imagine cops anywhere else reacting in such a blase fashion — but then again, this probably HAS happened before to cops in New York. Maybe even every day.

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