Men in blue

Men in blue: I’m amazed how one can be oblivious to a protest taking place a block away, but now, after reading this NYT piece on “post-Seattle” tactics for preparing for large-scale protests, I get it. And before I forget it, the NYPD has been impressive this week. I know they didn’t sign on for this gig when they joined the force (a weird blend of tourist wrangling and anti-terrorist warrioring), but from my personal experience, their calm, friendly yet firm presence has been at the same time overwhelming and reassuring. Many of those I talked with are funny, as well. The conventioneers talk about them in reverent tones. There are a lot of “thank yous” being said in non-New York accents. The NYT reports that 1,768 protesters have been arrested. I’m hoping they can round off the number to 1776.