The first iTunes affiliated blog on the block?

The first iTunes affiliated blog on the block? The rexblog was notified on Friday (a travel day) that it is an official partner in the new Apple iTunes Affiliate Program. (Right up there with the day we were notified of our acceptance into the National Geographic Society.) In the future, whenever you see an iTunes logo or the title of a song highlighted, when you click on them, you will be magically transported to (if you have iTunes) the iTunes store’s corresponding link. When you purchase the music, I will receive 5% of the sale. (In other words, if I can sell 20 million songs, I can become a millionaire doing this.) The cost to you is exactly what it would be if you went directly to the iTunes store. Now that I have some incentive, I will do some “playlist blogging” to the rexblog. Let’s have fun. The service has just launched and the links seem to be bouncing back here rather than going to the iTunes store. I’m sure that will be fixed soon.

3 thoughts on “The first iTunes affiliated blog on the block?

  1. Rex, I’m in as of Friday as well, via you pointing it out the other night. I’m doing the same thing with my Friday Random Ten playlists and probably some more here and there.

  2. Now it is clear why you suggested that a certain small business that has upgraded its systems should reserve a server for music downloads, implicitly encouraging same activity. A little stealth marketing for the ol’ blogtirement plan.

  3. From what they told me, the links for individuals songs will arrive sometime this week – last week was just “general” links being made available.

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