Memorable RNC phrases?

Memorable RNC phrases? By making a “quantitative snapshot of the media’s” most influential news and business newspapers and magazines in the United States, Factiva says the following were the most “memorable phrases” of the 2004 RNC:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Economic girlie man” – (157 on the “index”)
  • John McCain: “A disingenuous filmmaker” – 72
  • Zell Miller: “Armed with what? Spitballs?” – 67
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: “America is back” – 55
  • Rudy Giuliani: “Thank God that George Bush is our President” – 44
  • I’m surprised the following didn’t make the list: “Flip-flop,” “Four More Years,” “a swagger in Texas called walking,” “Read my lips, no new taxes” (oh, wait, that’s another RNC convention).