Vaporzine news

Vaporzine news: From one of the best vaporzine scouts I know comes a link to the website of Riot Media that plans, among other things, a new magazine next year targeting boys 8-13. For the record, because of a birthday last weekend, I no longer am living under the roof with anyone in that specific demographic.


Riot’s first products, a magazine, a comic book and an interactive website with an e-commerce element, are expected to be available to consumers starting in early 2005. Other products and content that will follow include collectible game and trading cards, electronic games, toys and other licensed products. Television, motion picture and home video programming are also being planned.

Also, on the vaporzine front, a new magazine called Taste of the South is due in October from the publisher of Southern Lady and Tea Time magazines. “How-to features will include articles instructing readers on how to select the region’s wonderful in-season produce; profiles of the South’s most notable chefs, as well as their favorite recipes.”

(Note: For the record, the cover shown above is of “Riot Magazine,” not “Southern Lady.” Thanks to Eddie Rider.)