A blog clarification

A blog clarification: An entrepreneur, Scott Smith, recently discovered a post I made several months ago regarding a judgement in favor of the owners of Entrepreneur magazine against Smith’s usage of the name EntrepreneurPR for his company. Scott has spent several years contesting Entrepreneur’s trademark claims and, as I noted, viewed his cause as a something beyond a fight over a trademark, but something akin to a battle between good and evil. Scott has posted a long response in the comments of my earlier post in which he chastises my lack of reporting on both sides. I’ve communicated witih him via e-mail the nature of the whole blog-post-comments-conversational-quick linking nature of this weblog…but I’d also like to say once more publicly, if someone disagrees with what I say on this weblog, please feel free to comment and please feel free to use the comments to link to an opposing view.