Martha paddling up the river?

Martha paddling up the river? The NY Post (via is reporting that Martha Stewart wants to start serving her sentence as soon as a prison bed is available in the Danbury federal prison for women. Her daughter Alexis will oversee Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia during Stewart’s, uh, sabbatical. As I’ve indicated before, I’m firmly in the “Free Martha” camp. But I can see how she would want to get this behind her. Her prison memoirs may likely be the first Martha Stewart book I will ever purchase…and should certainly help cover her legal expenses.

2 thoughts on “Martha paddling up the river?

  1. A few years back, a now-former TN state representative went to the fed pen on tax charges. While there, he ran for his seat and was re-elected, and served several more years – in the Capitol, not the pokey. Martha’s comeback is a lock.

  2. And then, as I recall and you can correct me if I’m wrong, he is still a radio commentator, consultant type to this day.

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