iTunes affiliate program update

iTunes affiliate program update: While I don’t plan on using the rexblog to keep the world informed on the progress of the iTunes affiliate program, I would like to pass along some information to assist those who may be searching the blogosphere for information about linking directly to a specific song or album or artist or audiobook that includes your iTunes affiliate tag. That feature will be available later this week, according to an e-mail from the iTunes affiliate team support folks at Apple (or linkshare?). At this point, an affiliate can point to the iTunes store and a few dozen specific text-ad (example: Choose from over 1 million tracks for only 99¢ a song at iTunes) and banner-ad related locations on the iTunes store. Again, this post is an off-topic public service as I couldn’t find any information on discussions or blogs when I went looking for it.

Update: iLife blogger Jim Heid, author of Macintosh iLife 04, let me know via comments below that he’s actually reporting this topic. I am happy to point folks his way. Thanks, Jim.

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