Background – from online to print

Background – from online to print: My earlier post regarding the blogging-to-print plans of has generated some comments regarding the web-to-print phenomenon (notably, Jeff Jarvis who’s humbling me with his link-kindness on another topic.).

As I’ve blogged this topic in the past. (I am, after all the Boswell of slick print), let me refer folks to an article written by my Hammock Publishing colleague Jackie Ross. “From Online to Print: Web Companies Make the Connection.” It offers some background on the history of web-based properties that have attempted to cross over to the tree-killing side.

Also, here’s a link to a long-ago Doc Searls post on the topic. Also related is this post about Swish magazine and this post about Worthwhile Magazine.

Bottom line: The web-to-print-back-to-web-and-then-again-to-print is not new. It even has a name.

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