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Inside information: As viewers in Nashville and Miami are the only people allowed to view today’s Titans-Dolphins game live (even Direct TV subscribers will have to wait until tomorrow [via]), I’ll give you a tip for tomorrow: bet your clueless friends that the Titans will win 17-7. The rare September Saturday game was moved up 24-hours due to the approaching Hurricane Ivan.

Highlights (lowlights?): Tennessee’s Chris Brown (Eddie George’s replacement), gains exactly 100 yards rushing before leaving the game with an ankle injury. Punter-kicker Craig Henitrich doesn’t kick due to a back problem but substitute punter-kicker Aaron Elling, a Titans player for about 18 hours, punts and kicks respectibly — except for blowing a short one teed-up on dirt. Antoine Smith, who replaced the injured Brown, was shut down except for a 26 yard run in the fourth quarter. (Please, don’t be seriously injured, Chris.)

From the lack of attendees to what had to be a sold-out game, it is apparent that many Miami fans were enjoying the beach one last time before it gets blown away. That, or a lot of tickets were sold to Titans fans who decided to skip the trip to Miami. It’s going to be a long season for the Dolphins and despite the solid win, the Titans have much room for improvement.

Game’s over. Now, I’m pulling for Miami and all of Florida as they face Ivan. Our thoughts and prayers are with ya’ll.

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  1. That’s only partly true – I have DirecTV and live in Nashville, and I got to watch every single Chris Brown carry live on the Nashville CBS affiliate. DirecTV now offers local affiliates in most markets.

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