Full-nelson hammerlock web-to-print vaporzine

Full-nelson hammerlock web-to-print vaporzine: There’s a new weekly publication being launched by ProWestling.com and VoiceofWrestling.com and if you don’t think it will succeed, you’re obviously a brain-damaged victim of one too many double vertical suplexes.

According to the announcement, the publication is going to be launched during the first week in January, 2005, and will “combine the very best in journalism, commentary, interviews, and other exclusive material related to the sport that we all love: Professional Wrestling!”


“Despite the common assumptions of those most critical…Despite those same critics’ false promises of failure…Despite those same “failures” who couldn’t do this themselves…WRESTLING WEEKLY WILL SUCCEED! Do you disagree? Watch us!

For the record, sir, no way would I disagree with you: I’ve seen one of those flying cross body-blocks before.

Also, for the record, if anyone else out there ever launches a magazine in the future, please use these folk’s announcement story as a model for your press release. I even have a lead for you: “No matter what any losers out there think, we’re about to launch a magazine that will kick the crap out of anyone else in our category. Do you disagree? Then, watch out for a flying cross body-block when you least expect it.”

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