Back to school

Back to school: Thanks to an e-mail from Eddie Rider, the fact that I’m away from a computer this morning doesn’t mean I can’t point you to some magazine news:

California Teen is one of those for-students-by-students magazines I typically don’t blog (like door-to-door subscription scams, I could blog several each week if I did — even several each day), but this seems like, you know, an awesome cool thing.

Speaking of students, Eddie also sent a link to and a story about its creators., on first click, appears to be a retro-Whittlesque business model (how’s that for an obscure magazine-place-based-media reference that I don’t have time to explain?) Good concept if they can keep their overhead and hubris in check.

rexblog bumper music from the iTunes store:

Twisted Teen
(Béla Fleck & Tony Trishka)