How to make money from weblogs

How to make money from weblogs: Ellen Simon, AP business writer of the article “Bloggers find clicks don’t mean cash” obviously hasn’t heard about my plan to make a million dollars from encouraging the seven readers of this weblog to download 20 million songs from the rexblog affiliate iTunes store for which I get a nickle each. I just started last week and I’m up to a 25¢. Good job, people. You only have 19,999,995 tunes to go. I’m shopping for a new car, already. Thank you for your support.

(via’s MediaDaily news)

rexblog bumper music from the iTunes store:
One Way or Another (Blondie)

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  1. Long time listener… first time caller…

    Just had to stop thru… and say that you’re a damn funny individual. I’ll get back to that clicking project…. 🙂

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