Hope it works for them

Hope it works for them: If I were in New York today, I’d be heading over to the launch party for the new magazine, Work. First, they were smart enough to make sure I knew nothing about it until it was actually published. (For some reason, they thought the term vaporzine was an insult or something.) Second, at least one of the seven readers of this weblog helped on the launch and has threatened to drop my readership back down to six if I say anything too snide. (Like I don’t inflate my circulation numbers anyway.) Here’s info about the party (and fundraiser) if you happen to be in Williamsburg during the next 3-4 hours: It’s at Galapagos at 70 North 6th St. (between Kent & Wythe).

About Work:

Work magazine is a quarterly analysis of the U.S.A.’s work culture and its influence over the world. Because Americans spend the quantitative, and often qualitative, majority of their lives working (earning money or learning a skill), the fodder for the magazine is tremendous, even endless. Labor its central theme, the magazine will explore a broad range of issues that all influence why and how we work –from politics to design to health to fashion to travel, the list of the magazine’s topics goes on. Work magazine hopes to improve the way that people consume, practice their trades, and live their lives through innovative approaches to work.

Through the magazine’s interpretation of work, readers will hopefully gain a new understanding of the world we live in. The ultimate goal of the magazine is to revolutionize the culture of work: Better workspaces, better salaries, better corporations–maybe even impact the local or federal government! Despite these progressive ambitions, the magazine will not take a specific political position. Instead, by approaching an educated audience of men and women, the magazine will appeal to those seeking out a better experience in their jobs and their lives, regardless of political association.

I know I shouldn’t say this, but it sounds a wee bit familiar, but I’m sure it’s very, very different. Of course, if I were launching the magazine , I’d be saying, “No matter what any losers out there think, Work magazine will kick the crap out of anyone else in our category. Do you disagree? Then, watch out for a flying cross body-block when you least expect it.”

Update: A rexblog reader in attendance reports: “The highlight of the night was when the crowd for the burlesque show (which started after the party) started buying magazines.” A sure sign of success.

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