Was George Bush really an A+F model?

Was George Bush really an A+F model? I’m having second thoughts about my decision to vote for Bush since I learned that photographs have been found proving that he missed a National Guard drill because he was booked for a Bruce Weber photo shoot for the Fall, 1969 Abercrombie+Fitch catalog. Developing.

Update: I’ve learned that a group of bloggers are working on a theory that these photos are actually photoshop frauds as they seem almost sure that Bruce Weber didn’t shoot the Fall, 1969 A+F Catalog.

Update II: Several bloggers think these photos actually appeared in an early Calvin ad, not an A+F catalog. Bruce Weber is the connection, however, so I can understand the confusion.

Update III: Someone has just tracked down a Fall, 1969 A+F Catalog and proven the photos didn’t appear there, rather the catalog is filled with elephant rifles.

Update IV: Oops, another blogger points out that Bush may still have some explaining to do even if these are not from a Bruce Weber photo shoot but from an actual rugby game.

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