Buzzworthy: I will go ahead and assume that it’s a compliment for Jeff Jarvis to say that rexblog bumper music is “like an NPR show with an actual sense of humor.” That (and trying to make a million bucks from encouraging this weblog’s seven readers to download 20 million songs) was my intent. By the way, since Jeff has been under the weather for the past day or so , I’ve decided to go ahead and unveil a new feature I had planned to later roll-out as a rexblog brand-extending-contextual-advertising-and-subliminal-marketing strategy to help me convince you seven readers to download 20 million songs: Playlists of tunes to listen to while visiting your favorite weblogs.

The first Rexblog Playlist is for all you buzzmachiniacs :

(Note: Some of these links appear to be having some technical difficulties. Sorry.)

Rexblog Playlist 001: Buzzmachine

What’s Buzzin’ Cousin (Cab Calloway)

Buzz Me
(B.B. King)

Lucky Buzz (Richard Buckner)

Ultimate Buzz
(James Eternal)

I Don’t Need No Booze to Get A Buzz On (Alan Jackson)

Buzzy (Bud Powell & Charlie Parker)

Buzz Me Baby
(Fleetwood Mac)

(Paul Kelly)

Expect more “Rexblog Playlists” in the future (but expect them on weekends). In the future, I will actually ask bloggers what they’d like me to include in their list…and if they don’t respond, I’ll take that as an indication they think it is okay for me to make one up for them. As Jeff is sick today, I didn’t want to bother him. I hope to add another one later of his favorites.

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