Someone give Anderson a valium

Someone give Anderson a valium: Anderson Cooper is covering Ivan from downtown Mobile and looks like he’s having a grand time being whipped around by the wind, yet I’m talking on the phone with my brother who is about four miles away who says there’s a lull in the winds in the Spring Hill area.

The meterologist and Cooper are acting tremendously goofy as the wind blows them around. “I’ve spent all my career telling people to get out of these things and this knucklehead has got me out here,” says the meterologist. I agree. Someone give him the hook and suggest he call it a night. [mid-post bumper music: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head (B.J. Thomas)]

Back at my brother’s house, they are without power but have phone service and plenty of batteries and a generator…They are following the news on radio, local TV and via the Internet via a dial-up account with which they are watching satellite images. He says they are going to try their best to go to sleep…but he recalls the “train sound” of Frederic a couple decades ago.

Update: I’ve added some more Mobile-located Ivan bloggers to the list below.

Update II: CNN reports a tornado warning for Dothan, Ala., at 10 p.m. CDT. I was born in Dothan.

Ivan watch (a personal note)

Ivan watch (a personal note): Thanks to those who have e-mailed regarding my family who live in Mobile, Ala. A brother and sister-in-law in the Spring Hill section of Mobile are riding Ivan out in their home (along with some neighbors who have many more over-hanging trees than they have). My mother is across Mobile Bay, in Daphne, and is similarly situated in a high, dry facility with plenty of food, water and an industrial generator standing by. My other brother, another Mobile resident, was last seen at Disney World where lines are short. I’ll pass along any original reports I hear (however, I’m anticipating that phone service there will be down soon). Local information can be found at the sources linked below (I’ll be adding more.):


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Technical difficulties: It has been brought to the attention of the owner of this site that some of our bumper music links go to a song called, “Error : -Invalid Offer ,Please contact site owner about this!” Unfortunately, I have no idea what group recorded this song, or when, but I am trying to track down that information. In the meantime, just hum the songs and send me a nickle. (Ironically, the bumper music chosen for this post, a zippy electronic piece called “Error404” is suffering from the link glitch as well. That’s okay, you could not hum it anyway.)