Birth of a magazine-y

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<b>Birth of a magazine-y:</b> In what will likely be treated as a trend story if reporters can find at least one more example, alternative weekly <a href=””>Chicago Reader</a> is revealing a new, colorful “magazine look” tomorrow.

Quote from the <a href=””>Chicago Sun Times</a>:

<blockquote><i> “The whole thing’s going to look really different,” (Editor Alison) True said. “The new design attains a tension between the newspaper feel and a more magazine-y look.” The free weekly will continue to come in the “quarter-fold” format, one executive said, with three sections of the paper folded inside a fourth, top section. But the paper’s lead story will no longer cover the entire front page, and the story’s text will no longer start there. Instead, the front page above the paper’s fold will read vertically, with color photos or art. It will also have more information about articles and features inside. An advertisement will appear below the fold of the front page, as if it were the back of a magazine.</i></blockquote>

I’m developing a theory like the one I have regarding reporters avoiding articles that include math, that reporters should skip trying to describe graphic design.
Birth of a magazine-y