Goodnight Mrs. Callahan, wherever you are

Goodnight Mrs. Callahan, wherever you are: Well, now I’ve heard it all. Magazine veteran and friend Doug Shore sent me this link to a NYT article regarding an Atlanta-area vaporzine scam. According to the article, Mr. & Mrs. Callahan, moved into the upscale suburb of Alpharetta and announced a vaporzine called The Alpharetta Social Registrar, a magazine that fits nicely into the category I’ve dubbed, “The Nouveau-Niche.”

Well, ten months after the first issue was supposed to appear, Mr. & Mrs. Callahan are no where to be found.


“Amid all the troubles, Ms. Callahan reassured (her landlord and others) by discussing a big inheritance waiting for her in Luxembourg. She told them that she had been raised by her father and an aunt, to whom the father was married and who she long thought was her mother. Her real mother, who she had thought was an aunt, had now died in Europe and left her $168 million from investments in hotels, she said….(The landlord) says he is owed more than $30,000 in back rent and penalties under the Callahans’ lease with him – how much advertisers are owed is hard to pin down – and recently received a report from a private investigator he had hired, Hal Johns. The investigation had found many names for a woman with Ms. Callahan’s Social Security number, including Sheelagh Callahan, Sheelagh Sinceè, Rupeb S. Sinceè, Sheelajh Malbroe and Sheila Malbrue. Over 20 years, the woman had lived at six locations in Southern California, six in New Orleans and four in Georgia, more than once at some of them. As for Mr. Callahan, “banking information is sketchy on him,” Mr. Johns said in his report. “They look like fraud to me,” he wrote.

All I can say is, “Come back, Callahans.” You have nothing to fear or be embarassed about. If it were a crime not to launch a vaporzine I know a few readers of this weblog who would be, as we magazine geeks refer to it, “bunking in with Martha.”

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