Sniffing Glued

Sniffing Glued: The insightful (all you need to do is add rexblog to your blogroll and you’ve won me over) weblog Jossip has an interview with the editor of a new magazine, Glued. Candace Korchinsky explains why she’s, “completely jazzed about creating a new magazine that combines the best of what’s on with fun, smart features about the world of TV.” As I’m not in the target audience (one would have to watch something other than football on TV to crack that demo, I’m sure), I’ll have to depend on others to tell me if what the world needs now is a magazine for the “TV junkie turned on by in-depth features and TV culture, and the on-the-go casual watcher who really just wants to know what’s on – fast.”

(Thanks to Eddie Rider and Greg Allen for heads-up from different directions.)

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