I jinxed it, Steve, I’m sorry

I jinxed it, Steve, I’m sorry: I promise, Steve McNair, I promise you I’ll never again look up at the scoreboard at a Titans game and see there are nine minutes left in the fourth quarter and the game is tied 17-17 and think to myself, this is perhaps the greatest football game I have ever seen. I’m sorry, Steve, because you were playing this near flawless game and I knew immediately when I had that thought, that I had personally doomed the Titans. I feel responsible that nine minutes later, a game that looks on the stats page like a statistical deadheat, turned into a blow-out. Steve, you and Peyton Manning are obviously two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks playing the game today and seeing you on the same field was a treat. But, frankly, I’ve never really cared for Manning and we all know how, except for that little traffic incident, in my book you’re the greatest. So, my bad about thinking how great the game was before realizing what I’d done. I’m really, really sorry.

I must admit, Steve. For the first time ever, I was impressed today by Peyton Manning. Perhaps it’s because he toned down the happy feet for the game. Also, it’s still strange to me seeing the fans here in Tennessee screaming their heads off against Peyton Manning as I’m sure many of them have dogs, cats, sons and daughters at home named Peyton in his honor. Heck, even one of this weblog’s seven readers has a dog named Peyton. (Sorry, if you’re not a football fan, just trust me.)

Steve, my wife always hates the thought of the Titans losing at home, knowing I’ll be in a funk when I get home. Not today, I promised her before I left for the game. But I didn’t realize that it would be me, personally, that would cause you to lose the game. So, don’t be hard on yourself. Blame me…and, okay, if you insist, you can also blame the defense and those two chump fourth-and-inches you couldn’t convert.

Okay, folks who hate football. I’m finished.

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2 thoughts on “I jinxed it, Steve, I’m sorry

  1. I love the Titans… so I wish I could call you a traitor, but I just can’t. You’re right about Manning. But if you tell anyone what I said I’ll deny it. 😀

  2. I am unable to watch Peyton Manning play due to my lifelong fascination/hate relationship with UT. This is different from a love/hate relationship in that I will never allow myself to “love” or have any positive emotion toward UT. However, you know how you are sometimes fascinated by that which you hate? Also, they play great football. [More than we can say for…well never mind.]

    Anyway, I don’t want to watch Manning play too much. I am content to love McNair. Too bad about the game.

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