Major ink

Major ink: Just now working my way through the old newsreader and am finally seeing that Jeff Jarvis got several trees-worth of paper and a few gallons of ink to let the readers of the NY Post know how old media is learning something from new media in the Danron (Rathergate?) controversy. Great Post-worthy subhead: “Little Brother is Watching.”


Here’s what Dan Rather and CBS News should have done then:

They should have said to the bloggers, “Thank you — and welcome to journalism; we can use your help.”

They should have been grateful that smart citizens using weblogs had added to the available information and helped us get closer to the truth.

They should have engaged these bloggers in televised conversation.

They should have revealed everything they knew so we could judge the truth.

They should have admitted (in a day, not a week and a half) that they could be wrong.

But they didn’t. Instead, Rather and CBS issued the Big Media equivalent of I am not a crook — namely, “We stand by our story.”

You da man, Jeff.

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