How Dan & Martha (and Nixon & Clinton) spiraled down the Ten Stages of Spit Fan-Hitting

How Dan & Martha (and Nixon & Clinton) spiraled down the “Ten Stages of Spit Fan-Hitting”:

(Note: Around my house, there’s this word we discourage unless ones thumb is on the receiving end of a hammer blow. The discouraged word rhymes with the word spit. As my children are required to visit this weblog to click the rexblog affiliate iTunes store link when using that service, they may see this post and bookmark it for future evidence in defending themselves. Therefore, I’ll need for you to substitute the discouraged word whenever you read the word spit in the following.)

While I’d quibble with his comparison of Dan Rather’s value to the CBS News brand with Martha Stewart’s to the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia brand (there’s no comparison), Terry Keenan raises an interesting point by connecting Rathergate with Marthagate in the NY Post . However, I think the connection is less about business valuation (Keenan’s point) and more about the universality of certain truths in what PR folks call “crisis management” but what I’d call, “how you handle it with the spit hits the fan.”

Here’s how Martha & Dan (and for that matter, Nixon, Clinton and everyone else who fails miserably at it) lets it happen, what I’ll call:

Rex’s Ten Stages of Spit Fan-Hitting

1. Initial lapse in judgement (not the real spit)
2. Lapse becomes public (not the real fan)
3. Monomania-induced indignant denial via self-delusional explanation (the real spit)
4. Proof that indignant denial is delusional (the real spit hits the real fan)
5. A thousand points of spit
6. Self-righteous justification (more fan)
7. Awareness of the thousand points of spit
8. Admission (with or without personal acceptance) of the thousand points of spit
9. Public contrition & humiliation & punishment
10. Public redemption when contrition and punishment deemed equal by public to the real spit, or upon ones death

Later, I will chart out how Nixon & Clinton have made it through all ten stages of Spit Fan-Hitting and where Martha & Dan appear along the continuum.

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  1. Having been just about 5 days without email access or even more than 2 bars of cellphone strength, one of the first things I did upon returning to the eworld was to check said email and voice mail, as well as this blog. After deleting all the spam and sifting thru the few worthwhile messages, I feel very good that I haven’t missed a thing. Same ol’ spit everywhere.

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