It’s official – Black is this year’s black

It’s official – Black is this year’s black: The NYT’s David Carr has the same questions I have about the cover of the Martha Stewart’s Living October issue I saw at a grocery store newsstand tonight. It’s the first with the big Living and little Martha Stewart, but that’s not the bizarre part. It’s the “Martha goes goth” thing that had me scratching my head.


Gael Towey, creative director of the magazine, said that the cover was just a bit of Halloween fun and not an indication of any underlying grimness at the company. “We have never done a black cover,” she said. “Halloween seemed like a great time to be very bold. It’s a different time of the year and seems like it is a good time to dress up and be somebody else. And I love the crazy little creatures.”

Note to magazine art directors: If your CEO and founder and editor ever has to resign and go to a federal prison, don’t do your first black cover. No matter what the latest gimmick is.

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