The accidental Nashville weblog

The accidental Nashville weblog: On (or, was we call it around here, /.), there’s a huge debate raging regarding the ethics and legality of the “I Found Some of Your Life” weblog. The premise of the weblog is this: Someone finds a digital media card containing 227 photos. The finder decides to post one photo each day to a weblog and make up a story to go along with the pictures.

I clicked over to the blog and within a photo (the Titans banner pictured to the left was my first clue, duh) or two realized that most of the photos were taken within a few blocks of my office (no, not the ones taken in Amsterdam) at a well-known nearby university. Two of the seven readers of this weblog surveyed before I posted this have identified several of the people pictured.

Readers of my weblog can guess my reaction to it: It’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a long time while being a bit too creepy to enjoy (or, at least, to admit it).

It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen, as one /. poster observes.

Update: As pointed out by Tom’s comment (below), the “weblog” has been updated this afternoon with this message:

No new posts until further notice…To be clear, I have not yet been contacted by anyone appearing on the site. I am allowing some time for the /. ripple (tidal wave) to smooth out. If you are the owner of the memory card, please email me. Obviously, verification will be necessary. Thanks.

I’m just guessing, but I thinking finding the owner has been handled.

Update II: Well, the “I Found Some of Your Life” weblog has apparently lost some of its life. The blogger-author-artist-comedian has apparently gained some insight into the nuances of the American legal system…or has realized how creepy the whole thing was. Funny. Brilliantly funny. But, really creepy.

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