Center of the magazine universe update

Center of the magazine universe update: Long time ago, I used to have a running gag here about magazines published in Nashville and I would always use the heading “center of the magazine universe.” It’s been a while. But I just saw where the‘s (and friend-of-rexblog) Paige Orr (as I can’t link to her story, you’ll have to trust me) reports that the inaugural issue of Commodore Nation is arriving in homes today. It replaces a previous magazine, The Flagship, as the official magazine for members of Vanderbilt University’s athletic booster club. It’s also available to non-members via subscription. Recently, another Nashville-oriented sports magazine called Sports Nashville launched. And while I’m at it, Nashville is also home to pre-season preview sports-magazine powerhouse, Athlon, that launches magazines all the time.

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They make up the difference through volume

They make up the difference through volume: According to a story linked-to by Rafat Ali of, Apple makes 4¢ for every iTunes download it sells. So, if I’m making 5¢ on every download via my affiliate iTunes store, where’s that coming from? By the way, sorry my bumper music is missing this morning. Will catch up later.

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Photo blogging vaporzine

Photo blogging vaporzine: Sign me up for this “labor of love” an intrepid vaporzine scout just e-mailed me.


JPG Magazine is for people who love imagemaking without attitude. It’s about the kind of photography you get when you love the moment more than the camera. It’s for photographers who, like us, have found themselves online, sharing their work, and would like to see that work in print.

JPG Magazine is for photographers like us who fall somewhere in between the strict definitions of “amateur” and “professional.” People who, enabled by new technology that makes imagemaking and self-publishing easier than ever, have fallen in love with photography and sought out others with the same passion.

(Thanks to Hugh Roper who shows off his latin skills by calling me “Vapor King,” a nickname I predict will catch on with Hammock Publishing clients who drop by the rexblog.)

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