They make up the difference through volume

They make up the difference through volume: According to a story linked-to by Rafat Ali of, Apple makes 4¢ for every iTunes download it sells. So, if I’m making 5¢ on every download via my affiliate iTunes store, where’s that coming from? By the way, sorry my bumper music is missing this morning. Will catch up later.

rexblog bumper music:
Pump up the Volume

6 thoughts on “They make up the difference through volume

  1. Newsweek says this is the future of music. Damn. CDs were supposed to be the future of music, and they’d been around a decade at least before I ever bought one. OK, I can wait 9 more years before I start downloading music. Easy.

  2. Gee, Bill. I looked all over Newsweek and I couldn’t find where they said downloading music from the rexblog was the future of music.

  3. Maybe it was Time. It’s hard to tell since they always have the same covers. I’m not very brand savvy, either.

  4. Bill, I have spent a lot of time [you know, in random conversations] defending your demographic and explaining why marketers should be paying attention to you — sheer size, spending power, people’s lifelong predilection to try new things — and you’re blowing it here by saying you just don’t pay attention to that stuff.

    This is why media buyers love 18-29 year old guys. They like “stuff.”

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