Hypenglish: I don’t know about you, but I always love press releases that use the word “Triumphant” in the headline and the word “iconic” not once, but twice in the story. Here is more stupendous language from the press release announcing the “Largest Magazine Rollout in Time Inc. History”:

“We wanted to create a magazine that people would feel as well as read. LIFE is designed to help people connect: from the images that capture a world of emotions, to tips and ideas to help people make the time they spend with friends and family more special.” (Bill Shapiro, managing editor)

“Advertiser support for this debut issue was tremendous. LIFE features 18 pages of advertising, showcasing leading brands from a vast array of categories, including food, auto, cosmetics and toiletries, network and cable television, apparel and pharmaceuticals. I’m sincerely grateful for the support of our launch issue advertisers and trust that they will be rewarded with enthusiastic consumer response to their messages.” (Peter Bauer, publisher)

“We are thrilled with the debut issue of LIFE. From the iconic photography to ideas for weekend activities, LIFE helps people get the most of out the two most important days of the week.” (Andrew Blau, LIFE President)

I know, those are exactly the kinds of remarks I say around the water cooler, as well.

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  1. As Bill Bryson notes in A Short History of Practically Everything, Life just wants to be (which is almost as good as Girls Just Wanting to Have Fun, and possibly related in a cosmo-metaphorical sense). So maybe this new Life is worth a Look.

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