How to search material from print magazines via Google

How to search material from print magazines via Google: Tara Calishain, the author whose weblog, ResearchBuzz, is my second-favorite blog with the word “buzz” in it, is the famous Google Hackstress who created “Cookin’ With Google.” Now she has posted a new Google hack called, “Search Google’s Printed Material Archive.” Granted, it doesn’t have as clever a name as “Cookin’ With Google,” but it may be just as handy.

Here’s the idea behind it:

Google has digitized a certain amount of printed material and made it available via regular Web search. Magazine articles have articleid in the URL. Book excerpts have ISBN in the URL. This quick search makes it possible to narrow your search to exclusively book excerpts, magazine articles, or both in the Google search engine. Give it a whirl. This form doesn’t require an API key.

For future reference, I have blogrolled the link to “Search Google’s Printed Material Archive” under “magazine resources.” The link is called “Google print search.”

Update: Tara e-mails to express her pain at being “second favorite” blog with the word buzz in it. I hope I redeemed myself by sending her a photo proving I always have a handy copy of her book nearby.

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