Walt sells a gazillion iMacs

Walt sells a gazillion iMacs: The macosphere (what does one call the blogosphere inhabited by the macentric?) is all a-twitter about today’s over-the-top rave review given the iMac G5 by WSJ technology writer Walt Mossberg. (I know two folks at Hammock Publishing who will be all a-twitter when their back-ordered iMac G5s arrive.)

While I have been a mac person since 1984 and have purchased too many to count (100+ perhaps at work), I stopped trying to explain to non-mac users why my computer is better than theirs. (I stopped that about ten years ago, when Apple produced a couple of year’s worth of crap that was dangerously close to not being better than theirs.)

Somewhere along the way, I made the observation that being a mac owner is what it must be like to be French: We constantly try to convince ourselves and others we are superior, but the rest of the world just ain’t buying it.

Except with mac owners, we actually are superior.

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2 thoughts on “Walt sells a gazillion iMacs

  1. And as Mac owners, we don’t retreat and we also don’t easily offer to compromise or collaborate with the enemy. Shocked that your bumper music wasn’t “I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time”

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