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Big in England: The Times of London has done a business feature story that, well, mentions the rexblog and, well, me. I feel rather dumb just now discovering the article as it appeared a couple of days ago. I googled and googled Google News looking for it, but it didn’t show up so I figured the reporter from the Times of London found some real folks to write about.

In Nashville, there’s a funny phrase in the music business (so I hear) that people use to describe an obscure recording artist. “He’s big in Europe,” they say. Now I get it.

The story, by Andrew Heavens (who, by the way, I’d like to thank — rimshot) can be read on the Times of London website for free through September 28. Here is the part that mentions me:

Three years ago, Rex Hammock set up a small website for the 25 employees in his Tennessee magazine publishing company.

On the site, he posted a daily selection of industry news snippets and articles, interspersed with personal comments and messages. It was a regularly-updated website, the kind now universally known as a “weblog” or “blog”.

Mr Hammock soon realised that more people were reading than just his in-house artists and editors. “I discovered a small but loyal group of magazine geeks – as my 17-year-old daughter calls us – followed the blog.

“Whenever I attend any magazine industry functions, I usually have someone I don’t know ask me if I’m the rexblog Rex. It’s a bit strange.”

Soon even stranger things started happening. Mr Hammock got invited to appear at more conferences and industry panels. More people went on to Hammock Publishing’s website and read its press releases. One regular reader invited him to compete for a magazine contract and eventually handed him the business.

Rex Hammock had become one of a growing list of CEOs to discover the strange and persuasive power of the weblog.

(via Roland Piquepaille whose weblog is also featured in the story.)

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6 thoughts on “Big in England

  1. oops. I didn’t know the rexblog had French readership. I’ll have to go back and fix that “why mac owners are like the french” comment.

  2. >oops. I didn’t know the rexblog had French readership. I’ll have to go back and fix that “why mac owners are like the french” comment.
    this weblog

    Trying to Kerry favor eh Rex?

  3. The European press, well at least the British one, does not really spend much time thinking about blogs. This is why the Times articles is so unusual, as it is writing about blogs and not mentioning diaries or teen journals, which is what is normally associated with blogging in the UK. :-/ The British journalists who want to do a serious feature on blogs have to resort to US examples.

    The Big Blog Company (the other business mentioned in the article) is trying to spread the idea that blog is a tool and has many business applications. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. 🙂

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