Dennis Sheds More Than a Dozen Staffers

Maxim minimizing As a rule, I don’t blog about lay-offs, closures or, for that matter, any transactional or personnel matters in the magazine industry. However, I make exceptions if the bad news is released on Rosh Hoshana Yom Kippur (duh, excuse my goyish Homer) or Christmas Eve.

Update: Quote from the NYT:

“Part of the natural evolution of a successful company is to be prudent and re-evaluate the cost structure before moving ahead with bigger and better things,” Stephen Colvin, the chief executive of Dennis Publishing USA, said through a spokesman. “This week we’ve had to make some very difficult decisions to part company with a number of people, some of whom have been with us for a long time.”

Rexblog Playlist 003

Rexblog Playlist 003: It’s Friday and it’s been a tradition here on the rexblog for exactly two weeks, that every Friday, I post a playlist of that week’s bumper music so that we can all line up our weekend iTunes downloading plans. I hope some of the seven readers of this weblog find this whole bumper tunes thing amusing. Frankly, I’ve never checked to see if anyone’s ever downloaded one. I’m finding the serendipitous results of a 30-second tune search (my self-imposed limit) are almost always amusing. Sort of like when I used to (as a goofy teenager) flip through the church hymnal and add the phrase “under the sheets” to each title. Come to think of it, you could play that game with this playlist.

Rexblog Playlist 003: Weekly Bumps #2

Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme) (Maynard Furguson)

Something for Nothing (The O’Jays)

Television Man (Talking Heads)

England Swings (Roger Miller)

I Could Write a Book (Harry Connick Jr.)

Ashokan Farewell (Mark O’Connor)

My First Trip to Mars
(Atticus Fault)

Empty Pages

The Way Things Are (Fiona Apple)

Cocktails for Two (Spike Jones)

On the Road to Find Out (Cat Stevens)

Don’t Be Shy (Cat Stevens)

Life (Cat Stevens)

Hard Headed Woman
(Cat Stevens)

(Remember the Days of The) Old Schoolyard
(Cat Stevens)

First Cut is the Deepest (Cat Stevens)

Picture Perfect (Nelly Furtado)

Pump up the Volume

Money, Money, Money

Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf)

Friends (Elton John)


I Smell Trouble (Ike and Tina Turner)

Man of the Year (Alice Cooper)

I Don’t Have to Hide (Bachman-Turner Overdrive)

Martha Stewart (VaGiant)

Monster Mash (The Misfits)

When the Funk Hits the Fan – Mood II Swing Vocal Dub (Sylk 130)

I’m Sorry (Brenda Lee)

Little Brother (Hootie & the Blowfish)

Photographic LIfe
(The Timewriter)

I’ll Be Seeing You
(Jimmy Durante)

Stuck on You (Elvis Presley)

A knock-out idea, or up against the ropes?

A knock-out idea, or up against the ropes? A new international magazine for women in business, Woman’s Globe, is being launched in Toronto by Wendy Broad, Canada’s
former competitive, amateur gold-medal boxing champion. Says Wendy, “I love the challenge of making a living with my mind and talents and this publication is in line with that passion and my life’s goals. I have retired from my sports career, and now am using that same focus and determination to deliver a magazine that hopefully will be respected and read by women in business. We hope that our stories will touch their hearts, inspire their minds and provide value to their lives.”
I’ll skip any typical glib comment that comes at this point in a post due to my glass jaw and, to be honest, my southern manners prevent me from any word-play associated with the founder’s last name.

rexblog bumper music: Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme) (Maynard Furguson)

Equivalency accounting

Equivalency accounting: is reporting that Time Inc is “spending” the “equivalent of $12 million in ad value” to promote the re-launch of Life Magazine as a Friday-newspaper-insert. “The ads will run in Time Inc. titles such as Time magazine, People, Entertainment Weekly, Parenting, Sports Illustrated and Popular Science,” according to the report. This is fine, of course, depending on how the other Time properties treat that “equivalent money” in reporting their advertising “equivalent revenues.”

rexblog bumper music: Something for Nothing (The O’Jays)