Brand stretching

Brand stretching: Yoga Journal announced it will test launch Yoga Journal’s Balanced Living. It will debut on newsstands October 5, 2004, and remain on sale until the end of this year. (Thanks to Eddie Rider)

(rexblog obscure magazine trivia sidenote: Phillip Moffitt, one of the owners of Yoga Journal, and a member of its “advisory board,” is someone who I have never met, but who, from afar, I’ve admired for his early success and how he then adopted a different set of principles by which to live the rest of his life. Again, I don’t know Phillip Moffitt and he may not be in reality the person I’ve imagined him to be, but his columns 20 years ago in Esquire were of great influence to me personally. I have met many, many people in the magazine industry since who have said that Moffitt played a pivotal role in their careers. (His name comes up when I say I’m from Tennessee.) I haven’t read his Yoga Journal columns…but now that I’ve discovered them, I may learn something new — which could pretty much be anything I may learn about yoga.)

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