My First Blog Poetry

My First Blog Poetry: This morning, when I saw the news item about the launch of a new magazine called Yoga Journal‘s Balanced Living, I thought the name sounded familiar so I did a search of the magazine store for magazine titles with the word “Living” in them. The result was overwhelming so I waited until tonight to cut and paste them into a list. In moving the titles around to get them into some meaningful or amusing order, I discovered the most entertaining way unintentionally results in what appears to be the first poetry I’ve written in a couple of decades. So I gave it a name:

Magazine Living
By Rex Hammock

Martha Stewart’s Living
Country Living
Cottage Living
Ranch & Rural Living
2nd Home Living
Coastal Living
Shore Living
East Coast Living
Desert Living
Mountain Living
Smokey Mountain Living
Northern Arizona Mountain Living

Southern Living
Midwest Living
Western Living
West Suburban Living
Alabama Living
Kentucky Living
Michigan Living
Montana Living
New Jersey Savvy Living
New York Living
Vermont Living
Virginia Living
Living in South Carolina
Wyoming Homes and Living
Austin Home and Living
Montgomery Living
Evansville Living
Fort Mitchell Living
Schuylkill Living
Lake Martin Living
Berks County Living
Bucks County Town & Country Living
Hunterdon Country Town & Country Living

Casual Living
Budget Living
Frugal & Fashionable Living
Debt Free & Prosperous Living
Better Living
Pinnacle Living

Stressfree Living
Pleasant Living
Balanced Living
Simple Living
Conscious Living
Creative Living
Active Living
Independent Living
Natural Family Living
Tipi Living
Heritage Living
New Living
Mature Living
One 2 One Living
Community Living
International Living

Low Carb Living
Delicious Living
Italian Cooking & Living
Wine Country Living
Wine Grass Living
Pool & Spa Living
Aquatic Living Resources
Cabin Living
Log Home Living
Backyard Living
Outdoor Design & Living
Gardens & Outdoor Living
Rooms & Living
Homes and Living
Feng Shui for Modern Living

Living Artist
Living Blues
Living Music
Living Solo
Living Without
Living Our Losses
Living Now
Living Fit
Living Faith
Living Spirit
Living Positive
Living Ethics
Living Gently
Living Well

Living With Your Plane
Living Space
Living Safety
Living Church
Living Word
Living Faith
Living With Christ
Living Buddhism
Living and Loving
Living at Home
Living City
Living World
Living Etc.

One thought on “My First Blog Poetry

  1. This may be the peak of your blogging career.
    It certainly impressed those who care here.
    One wonders what would the total fare near
    If you took all those mags to the Borders cashier?

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